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Fulfilling Emotional Needs, Engaging Loyalty

An eCommerce company for marketing & distributing high marginal products with sentimental value

Clixie is an eCommerce company that own and manage top leading brands, trademarks, and online assets.





For each domain, Clixie holds also multiple sub domain for localization in different countries and marketplace stores.

Clixie’s infrastructure is based on a state of the art Israeli technology, developed by top-niche engineers, that serves as a robust and flexible eCommerce platform.

Clixie’s logistics centers are located in Israel and US, fulfilling thousands customer orders on a daily basis, and delivering to any location in the world!

Clixie focuses on building involved and loyal communities by offering hundreds of thousands versatile products, from hundreds qualified suppliers, Made in Israel, the Holy Land, using its own proprietary online stores and numerous of marketplace and franchising stores in different countries and languages!

Clixie serves its loyal and valued communities by international and multilingual outstanding customer service team.  Clixie acquires new customers every minute by using personalized, synchronized, and bleeding edge media acquisition processes and tools that enable high and immediate return on any advertisement spending.

Fulfilling Emotional Needs, Serving with experience. Clixie!