Customer Service

Perhaps the strongest of Clixie’s roots, that which serves as the Clixie community’s shared foundation, is its core veneration of exceptional customer support and a genuine understanding that this value is paramount. A belief that while our client’s products are incomparable and websites flawless, these remain but declarations if they are not backed by a fierce devotion to customer service.

Clixie is honored to provide 24/7 multi-lingual customer support to shoppers of all of the e-commerce websites it provides services for.  With the websites currently available in five languages, our representatives are trained to offer live support in English, Spanish, French, and German. That means that anyone, from anywhere, can access support via telephone, live chat or email and speak or chat with customer support representative 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

The Clixie family believes in superior training and excellence in customer service.  All support professionals, jewelry experts, team leaders and representatives undergo meticulous in-house training before earning the pleasure of becoming a certified Clixie support professional.  We ensure that when looking for guidance, every Clixie e-consumer receives the most timely, knowledgeable, courteous and professional response available today.


With a commitment to excellent customer service and a superior user shopping experience, Clixie assures that its shoppers ultimately receive their online purchases at their doorsteps in a timely and professional manner that exceeds the standards of today’s e-commerce market.

Our South Dakota, U.S. based fulfillment center is the logistical hub of the Clixie entity.  It is from this location that our Quality Assurance Team (QAT) packages, insures and ships the thousands of eclectic products available on our websites.  While we ensure the highest quality bar from our suppliers, we rely on our in-house QAT to ensure product excellence before items are shipped to their final destinations. Items are carefully packaged in each site’s distinctive packaging, insured and shipped via one of several preferred shipping methods.

A secondary, Israel based fulfillment center has joined our primary hub to maximize shipping efficiency for the “Made in Israel” products sold on Clixie’s site.  Having an Israel center allows for our company to best support these Judaica artists and businesses while ensuring quality assurance for the end user.

We are always happy to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


Clixie, Ltd.’s Internet Marketing campaign is a meaningful and thorough effort to support site promotion using industry best practices and the expertise of our professional internet marketing team.  With marketing trends constantly morphing, Clixie prides itself on staying professionally and ethically “ahead of the game”.  This effort manifests as an array of SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, Price Comparison Site, Affiliate and Social marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The most conceptual of all of our internet marketing campaigns, Clixie’s SEO campaigns are directed towards providing the richest end-user search experience in the jewelry, luxury jewelry and art judaica markets.  Employing best practices in the industry, our in-house SEO team is proud to research and improve its many SEO campaigns.  Clixie is always looking for talented SEO team members.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
At Clixie, PPC is used in conjunction with, not instead of, other internet marketing campaigns. Our PPC team, with the use of tools such as Google Adwords campaigns, assesses not only market-specific product search, but competitiveness and potential conversion.

Price Comparison Sites
An inventive extension of the company’s internet marketing campaigns, our product integration into the Internet’s leading price comparison sites allows for yet another creative avenue to provide meaningful search results for our client’s users. By providing active product feeds to platforms such as and, Clixie’s client’s offer their diverse products via a variety of channels for the most competitive end-user cost.

Social Media
Among the company’s various social media mediums, Clixie employs the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms essential to today’s internet marketing campaigns.  Facebook campaigns are used in conjunction with SEO strategies for the promotion of a certain keyword, page, or promotional offer.

Affiliate Marketing
Clixie actively welcomes Affiliate relationships to all of the websites that it operates.  We are proud to offer excellent benefits and are proud to provide accurate, fast, reliable, and safe back-end tracking solutions via Post Affiliate Pro so that both affiliate and end-user stay protected.  Clixie requests that all of its affiliates employ best practices and are happy to welcome such individuals back to the Clixie family time and time again.

Newsletter Marketing
Newsletter marketing supplements Clixie’s overall Internet Marketing campaign by providing consistent, up-to-date news, promotional offers, seasonal discounts and more to subscribers from any one of the company’s websites.  Newsletter Marketing allows for a continuous stream of contact with our loyal customers, and an opportunity to invite our happy shoppers back for more.  Clixie’s Internet Marketing team employs best practices when it comes to our multi-channel newsletter marketing campaigns; that means acting in accordance with our privacy policy to respect all of our customers’ privacy rights.

Clixie is always looking for motivated talent to join our family.  For information about open positions with the Clixie family, please click here.


Clixie’s fundamental devotion to creative and innovative IT is arguably the cornerstone of the company’s achievements to date.  Our back-end development includes a handful of proprietary features, cultivated and improved upon right here in-house by our pioneering R&D teams.

Product Manager
The products displayed and sold on Clixie’s client’s sites are all managed and accounted for via a proprietary product manager, developed and continuously being improved by the company’s R&D team.  When a new line of products is introduced to the site, a single product needs to be added to an existing line, or a series of products demand editing, all functions are carried out in the user-friendly product manager.  Everything from price to product description is controllable in real-time via the product manager.

Proprietary CRM
Clixie’s internal Customer Relationship Management system was developed as a unique solution to the company’s jewelry and judaica eCommerce platforms.   Via the CRM the company’s customer service representatives and account managers are able to communicate client-related information in one single system.   Numbered and tracked virtual “tickets” relay valuable and relevant order information to a specified in-house recipient, decided upon by the ticket issuer.  Full transparency and tracking between the customer service teams and the company’s fulfillment center is supported by the CRM.

Pricing Algorithm
Prices for all clients’ products are controlled and updated by a unique set of pricing algorithms.  Base equations are created and then translated into dynamic pricing algorithms that are applied to various defined categories.  The significant advantage of the algorithmic equations is efficiency; a single, dedicated change to a pricing algorithm can change the display price of thousands of products within seconds on the user-end.

Visitor Tracking System
Clixie’s proprietary visitor tracking system functions as both an operations facilitator and an intelligence gatherer.  As shoppers visit the site cookies are tracked, IPs registered, and pages visited monitored.  This allows for picking up incomplete orders, gathering information about shopping trends, and ultimately providing the best possible customer support.  IP and other information allows for geographic monitoring which ultimately aids in internet marketing optimization.

Feed Generator
Another IT solution for internet marketing optimization and efficiency is the company’s unique feed generator.  Price comparison shopping sites such as Shopzilla and Nextag, as well as other marketing platforms require the use of a feed for product listing.  The formats for such feeds, however, are not standardized or uniform.  Listing to these sites, therefore, is a potentially time-consuming task as developers would theoretically have to tailor each feed to a given site’s criteria.  Clixie’s feed generator “reads” or scans the site’s feed format, creating an efficient and nearly automatically generated feed per site.

Web Development

The backbone of today’s Clixie sites is the company’s continuous excellence of the many aspects of website development.  Teams specialize in the three areas of website design, HTML, and PHP, working together to produce what eventually becomes a superior e-commerce website.

Website Design
The ultimate goal of excellent web design is to provide the best User Experience (UE) to Clixie shoppers.  In other words, using industry best practices to clearly and efficiently communicate with our visitors and enhance their overall navigation experience. User-centered design entails Graphic User Interface (GUI) best practices and is applied to ensure quality in multiple browsers and accessibility as per W3C standards.

Clixie’s HTML specialists are at the cutting edge of today’s HTML5 and CSS3 best practices, which define a web document’s structure and how it should be interpreted by browsers.  Coders work with an internally designed framework to build the most efficient markups possible, practicing in accordance with WC3 WAI ARIA specifications and with a thorough understanding of layouts, updated tags and more. HTML5 fluency also means that Clixie sites are constantly being optimized for mobile devices and overall validation for the best UE possible.

The third and final leg of our web development process is PHP, the universally powerful, open-source programming and scripting language.  This cross-platform tool is an integral part of overall Clixie website development.  In-house PHP developers adhere to best practices and are fluent in today’s MVC frameworks, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and other industry standards to ensure multi-platform precision in various operating systems.

Clixie is always looking for motivated talent to join our family.  For information about open positions with the Clixie family, please click here.


The Clixie family’s trendiest and most playful site to date, is one of the Internet’s leading name jewelry websites today. This unique e-commerce platform specializes in name necklaces, initial necklaces and an expansive line of additional name jewelry pieces. Namefully’s unparalleled selection is matched by the site’s user-friendly and intuitive features, allowing for e-shoppers to browse, select and customize in just a few short clicks.

At the core of Namefully’s conception lies the Clixie family’s fundamental belief in matching genuine market needs with today’s most advanced internet technologies. A general name necklace market was identified, but it was soon discovered that most of these sites were outdated, their products mass produced in the Far East, and their customer service lacking. The Clixie community is enthusiastic about offering e-consumers who are interested in name jewelry the most modern, fluid and adaptive website to date.

Namefully proudly works with only the most trusted suppliers and employs internally trained teammembers to ensure that its finished products leave production grounds in impeccable condition. Our company is committed to outstanding usability, production and customer service to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your unique purchase. Your design, your necklace, your name. is a multilingual, multi-currency e-commerce site that is currently available in Spanish, French, German and Chinese.
For more information about and its products please visit

World of Judaica

Blending the old with the new, tradition with modernity, World of Judaica offers its shoppers the unique opportunity to shop for traditional judaica products with the ease and style that only today’s leading e-commerce sites can offer. World of Judaica proudly provides its valued customers with high-quality Judaica pieces and Judaica art, designed to celebrate Judaism with style and grace.

Founded in 2008, World of Judaica is an online retail store featuring diversified Judaica pieces that can be purcahsed with the click of a button.  From from wine sets to Torah covers, Menorahs and Dead Sea products, World of Judaica offers one of the internet’s most diverse Jewish inspired catalogues. World of Judaica is known for its impeccable quality standards, its professionalism and its devotion to honoring the Jewish heritage with beautifully designed and crafted judaica art pieces. Among its many Judaica pieces, World of Judaica is proud to offer its valued clients its exclusive line of Israeli made products, proudly supporting Israeli designers and artists of all kinds.

Its commitment to product excellence and paramount customer support makes World of Judaica one of the most highly regarded judaica retailers found online.

For more information on World of Judaica and its products, please visit


Clixie Ltd. is proud to present, one of today’s leading online diamond and luxury jewelry websites. Founded in 2008, is an e-commerce platform devoted to the exclusive sale of loose diamonds, luxury jewelry pieces, and precious gemstones. Designed to offer its customers the opportunity to shop with ease from the comfort of their homes, is known for more than its unbeatable selection and competitive pricing. The site boasts an entire network of internally developed features that allows for seamless shopping and user-intuitive navigation. The result is a refined customer experience matched by the site’s unparalleled dedication to customer support.

Zoara’s founders are active participants in the world’s leading diamond and jewelry communities, serving as members of a variety of diamond and precious gemstone industry-related outfits, including the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), the Manufacturing Jewelers Suppliers of America (MJSA) and the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). is the result of over five decades of professional experience in the loose diamond and jewelry retail industry, its founders having spent years honing their craft in order to supply their valued customers with high-quality, high-end polished loose diamonds and uniquely designed and crafted luxury jewelry pieces. As such, prides itself on its superior products, its devoted and knowledgable team, its loyalty to impecable customer support.
Zoara is a multilingual and multi-currency website, and is currently available in Chinese, German, French and Spanish.

Local versions of the website are available the following countries: United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Valenzuela, Peru, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.
For more information on Zoara please visit


Clixie is proud to provide technological support to our customers, which allows them to offer excellence in the Luxury Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry and Judaica e-commerce markets.
For more information about each of our clients’ sites, products and services, please click on the links below.


World of Judaica



Established in 2008, Clixie Ltd. is a premier Internet technology company, known for providing state-of-the-art eCommerce platform to client’s websites.

Each of our client’s consumer websites is built from the ground up, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and our proprietary framework, ensuring that our client’s customers enjoy every aspect of their shopping experience; easy search and navigation, plentiful product information, extraordinary selection and unparalleled customer support.

Making all of this possible is a top-notch team of energetic and innovative professionals specializing in every area of website design and marketing. From the engineers and programmers to the graphic designers, content writers, SEO and marketing experts, Clixie boasts an elite team of eCommerce’s finest leaders.

Our Clients

Our client’s websites feature high-quality specialty merchandise; from extraordinary diamond jewelry to a wide range of Judaica and Israeli products, with much more on the way!

Offering an exclusive collection of gold and diamond jewelry, has quickly become one of the Internet’s leading online luxury jewelry retailers. With perfect options for every occasion, taste and budget, our customers soon discover that when they’re looking for jewelry, there’s no need to look further than

World of Judaica joins the Clixie family with a diverse selection of Judaica and Israel products, including Jewish ritual items, Jewish jewelry, Dead Sea cosmetics, and everything in-between. With its extensive variety and comprehensive product line, World of Judaica has truly become a one-stop-shop for everything Jewish and all things Israel.

A top competitor in its market, Namefully is one of the Internet’s leading name jewelry retailers today.  With a niche focus on the name necklace market, Namefully provides its trendy and stylish audience with more than just unbeatable variety and selection.  As part of the Clixie family, Namefully shoppers benefit from attention to detail and customer satisfaction that comes with a product made in the USA.

Our Core Values

At Clixie we are committed to constant innovation and growth: in our client’s websites, in our technology, and in our people. We strive to offer our customers an outstanding variety of high-quality technological services thus creating an unrivaled online shopping experience with world-class customer support.

We hope you will take some time to explore and learn more about Clixie and our client’s websites. Please feel free to Contact Us with your feedback and questions.