Clixie, Ltd.’s Internet Marketing campaign is a meaningful and thorough effort to support site promotion using industry best practices and the expertise of our professional internet marketing team.  With marketing trends constantly morphing, Clixie prides itself on staying professionally and ethically “ahead of the game”.  This effort manifests as an array of SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, Price Comparison Site, Affiliate and Social marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The most conceptual of all of our internet marketing campaigns, Clixie’s SEO campaigns are directed towards providing the richest end-user search experience in the jewelry, luxury jewelry and art judaica markets.  Employing best practices in the industry, our in-house SEO team is proud to research and improve its many SEO campaigns.  Clixie is always looking for talented SEO team members.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
At Clixie, PPC is used in conjunction with, not instead of, other internet marketing campaigns. Our PPC team, with the use of tools such as Google Adwords campaigns, assesses not only market-specific product search, but competitiveness and potential conversion.

Price Comparison Sites
An inventive extension of the company’s internet marketing campaigns, our product integration into the Internet’s leading price comparison sites allows for yet another creative avenue to provide meaningful search results for our client’s users. By providing active product feeds to platforms such as and, Clixie’s client’s offer their diverse products via a variety of channels for the most competitive end-user cost.

Social Media
Among the company’s various social media mediums, Clixie employs the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms essential to today’s internet marketing campaigns.  Facebook campaigns are used in conjunction with SEO strategies for the promotion of a certain keyword, page, or promotional offer.

Affiliate Marketing
Clixie actively welcomes Affiliate relationships to all of the websites that it operates.  We are proud to offer excellent benefits and are proud to provide accurate, fast, reliable, and safe back-end tracking solutions via Post Affiliate Pro so that both affiliate and end-user stay protected.  Clixie requests that all of its affiliates employ best practices and are happy to welcome such individuals back to the Clixie family time and time again.

Newsletter Marketing
Newsletter marketing supplements Clixie’s overall Internet Marketing campaign by providing consistent, up-to-date news, promotional offers, seasonal discounts and more to subscribers from any one of the company’s websites.  Newsletter Marketing allows for a continuous stream of contact with our loyal customers, and an opportunity to invite our happy shoppers back for more.  Clixie’s Internet Marketing team employs best practices when it comes to our multi-channel newsletter marketing campaigns; that means acting in accordance with our privacy policy to respect all of our customers’ privacy rights.

Clixie is always looking for motivated talent to join our family.  For information about open positions with the Clixie family, please click here.