Clixie’s fundamental devotion to creative and innovative IT is arguably the cornerstone of the company’s achievements to date.  Our back-end development includes a handful of proprietary features, cultivated and improved upon right here in-house by our pioneering R&D teams.

Product Manager
The products displayed and sold on Clixie’s client’s sites are all managed and accounted for via a proprietary product manager, developed and continuously being improved by the company’s R&D team.  When a new line of products is introduced to the site, a single product needs to be added to an existing line, or a series of products demand editing, all functions are carried out in the user-friendly product manager.  Everything from price to product description is controllable in real-time via the product manager.

Proprietary CRM
Clixie’s internal Customer Relationship Management system was developed as a unique solution to the company’s jewelry and judaica eCommerce platforms.   Via the CRM the company’s customer service representatives and account managers are able to communicate client-related information in one single system.   Numbered and tracked virtual “tickets” relay valuable and relevant order information to a specified in-house recipient, decided upon by the ticket issuer.  Full transparency and tracking between the customer service teams and the company’s fulfillment center is supported by the CRM.

Pricing Algorithm
Prices for all clients’ products are controlled and updated by a unique set of pricing algorithms.  Base equations are created and then translated into dynamic pricing algorithms that are applied to various defined categories.  The significant advantage of the algorithmic equations is efficiency; a single, dedicated change to a pricing algorithm can change the display price of thousands of products within seconds on the user-end.

Visitor Tracking System
Clixie’s proprietary visitor tracking system functions as both an operations facilitator and an intelligence gatherer.  As shoppers visit the site cookies are tracked, IPs registered, and pages visited monitored.  This allows for picking up incomplete orders, gathering information about shopping trends, and ultimately providing the best possible customer support.  IP and other information allows for geographic monitoring which ultimately aids in internet marketing optimization.

Feed Generator
Another IT solution for internet marketing optimization and efficiency is the company’s unique feed generator.  Price comparison shopping sites such as Shopzilla and Nextag, as well as other marketing platforms require the use of a feed for product listing.  The formats for such feeds, however, are not standardized or uniform.  Listing to these sites, therefore, is a potentially time-consuming task as developers would theoretically have to tailor each feed to a given site’s criteria.  Clixie’s feed generator “reads” or scans the site’s feed format, creating an efficient and nearly automatically generated feed per site.